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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Utah, United States

Arch Canyon Overlook 4-Wheeling Adventure

Arch Canyon Overlook 4-Wheeling Adventure - Blanding, Utah

Duration: 3 hours
Location: Blanding, Utah

From USD

This is arguably the best 4-wheeling trail in the region. In RZRs, we will drive up Comb Wash following 400’ cliffs viewing rock art along the way ... More info ›

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This is arguably the best 4-wheeling trail in the region. In RZRs, we will drive up Comb Wash following 400’ cliffs viewing rock art along the way. The trail then cuts up Arch Canyon following a perennial stream. As the road gets rougher the canyon walls climb on every side. The trail ends in a ponderosa grove where we have lunch. From here, an optional short hike takes us closer to massive arches. We then follow the same trail back, viewing Anasazi ruins and taking optional side hikes. This trip captures the flavor of Southern Utah’s “Outback.”

We begin the day with a brief safety orientation from your experienced guides and load up your gear into our side-by-side RZR’s.  Everyone who wishes to drive will get a chance to drive throughout the day depending on skill level and the varied terrain.  Difficulty of trail is easy to extreme so we will take turns switching off drivers based on your comfort level. We follow Highway 191 to Comb Ridge 6 miles west of Bluff, Utah.  Here we get off the beaten path and follow the base of 400’ cliffs of Comb Ridge along the original Mormon Hole in the Rock Trail.  Our first stop is will be to view petroglyph panels and steps carved into Comb Ridge climbing hundreds of feet to the top of Comb Ridge. After following Comb Wash we hit the best 4x4 trail in the region heading up Arch Canyon. Arch Canyon was home to hundreds of Anasazi people that farmed and survived in this desert environment thanks to a perennial stream that still flows today.  A short hike will take you right into one of these dwellings for a close up glimpse into life over 1000 years ago.  The trail then continues deeper into the canyon crossing the stream and climbing rough rocky sections until we have reached the tall ponderosa trees at the end of the trail. Here we will serve lunch at the base of Cathedral Arch surrounded by 600’ red rock cliffs.  A half-mile hike up the canyon will take us to Angel Arch for those that wish to hike.  Those not wanting to hike can sit in the shade of the Ponderosas and enjoy the serenity of the canyon.  We often have the canyon to ourselves. After lunch we pack up and follow the same trail back to Bluff stopping at different dwelling sites as time allows or for those wanting more time in the RZRs we’ll climb a rough slickrock trail ending at a beautiful overlook of Arch Canyon from the rim.  Trip will end back where we started near 5 pm and we’ll get a group picture of everyone’s dirt covered faces.

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